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Basic Shortcuts in Bender [VIDEO]
Description This is a very simple and short video to show you some basic shortcuts that will help you to get started with Blender. In this video I’m [...]
Creating a Screen Clock in Javascript
Source Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>My Cool Clock</title> <style type="text/css"> body { background-image: [...]
Building a Simple Game in Less than 20 Lines [JS]
            I know that our Javascript section haven’t been the most active on the website but today I wanted to share [...]
Getting Started With Blender
            For the last few weeks I have been learning 3D modeling with Blender and it has been my first real experience has [...]
Breakout Turns 43 Years Old Today
            The classic game “Breakout” is turning 43 years old today. This classic game has been created by [...]
HTML Basics [Part 3]
            HTML Ordered Lists An ordered list starts with the <ol> tag, and each list item is defined by the [...]
HTML Basics [Part 2]
            HTML Elements HTML documents are made up of HTML elements. An HTML element is written using a start tag and an [...]
HTML Basics [Part 1]
            The Align Attribute The align attribute is used to specify how the text is aligned. In the example below, we have [...]
Create your First Game Easily with CopperCube
            This week I have made an awesome dicovery… ladies and gentleman… COPPERCUBE!!! First, I’m going [...]
You Will Soon Be Able to Buy a Razer Toaster
            The story of the Razer Toaster started a couple years ago as an april fool joke back in 2013. This toaster is now [...]
CSS Cheatsheet
          Here is a CSS cheatsheet, all the most important things are there! I suggest you to add this page to your favorite, it [...]
SOURCE CODE: Hangman in C
              The code below is a hangman game programmed in C language. The code is very simple and can still be [...]