Web Development

Start Mastering PHP Here [Free Course for Beginners]
            Before Getting Started Before sarting this tutorial you will need to learn HTML and CSS if it is not already [...]
Create a Simple Dropdown Menu From Scratch with HTML and CSS [SOURCE CODE]
            Download HTML file In this article, I will give you the source code and explain you how to create a dropdown menu [...]
Become a Master of HTML and CSS [Free Course]
            I know that many of you guys are interested by web development and I receive many messages everyday for free [...]
Creating an Eclipse Animation (HTML and CSS Only)
Source Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Eclipse Animation</title> <style> body { background-color: #09101e; } [...]
HTML Basics [Part 3]
            HTML Ordered Lists An ordered list starts with the <ol> tag, and each list item is defined by the [...]
HTML Basics [Part 2]
            HTML Elements HTML documents are made up of HTML elements. An HTML element is written using a start tag and an [...]
HTML Basics [Part 1]
            The Align Attribute The align attribute is used to specify how the text is aligned. In the example below, we have [...]
CSS Cheatsheet
          Here is a CSS cheatsheet, all the most important things are there! I suggest you to add this page to your favorite, it [...]
HTML Cheatsheet
          HTML CHEATSHEET   Basic Tags <html></html> Creates an HTML document <head></head> [...]
Building a Basic HTML Editor in C#
Description In this video you are going to learn how to create your own basic HTML editor in C#.
Creating your First Database with MySQL
Creating your First Database with MySQL   Description In this first I’m showing you basic queries to create your first database, your first [...]
How to get started with PHP and WampServer
            Blogs, social medias, e-commerce websites, API… PHP is essential to develop many kind of websites. In this [...]