About us

About the admin

My name is Samuel Gauthier and I am the creator and admin of Programming for Beginners. I am a 20 years old programmer from Canada. I created this page to spread programming knowledge with people and to keep learning. I have been learning programming since the age of 13 and I continue to learn more and more each and every day!

Why did you create Programming for Beginners?

I created the facebook group Programming for Beginners on October 28, 2018 at about 23:30. At the beginning I was the only admin in the group but we are now more than 5 admins. I created it because I noticed that there was a huge demand for a group for beginners in programming. There are many groups for programmers but most of the time, they are only posting memes and they don’t really give you the kind of help you need. In Programming for Beginners, experts and beginners are welcome and admins are always there to help new members!

What is our goal?

Our first goal is really to help people to learn programming online by providing direct help and ressources. Eventually, we would like to become professional to offer certified courses to everybody who would be interested.

Write for us

As I said, we are trying to build a huge community of developers from everywhere, every level (from beginner to expert), we want to promote open source software and help people to start projects. If you are interested, we are offering the opportunity to people to write for us. If you have an idea or an article you can contact me at the email: Use this email for all the buisness stuff (Questions, Website, Project, Articles) and if you really need to contact me personnally use this email:
You can also visit my personnal blog: