Portala: Write Code in your Browser!

July 19, 2019 - General
Portala: Write Code in your Browser!

Hey guys, here in Canada it is summer and we are spending more time outside around the pool than coding in our room. However I won’t stop writing contant for the website. I know I’m pasting less frequently but I still try to write about my lastest discoveries and I try to share some cool codes I’m writing around the pool.

Some weeks ago I talked about Dragon Programming Langugages and Suasive, 2 amazing projects by Aavesh Jilani. It seems like the project is growing, Dragon has many new features and many more coming, it is nominated to be added on and I already has been approved by another online compiler named Portala. Portala is an online compiler supporting many languages (Python, Java, C++ and… Dragon!). It is the first to support Dragon, it shows that the project is growing. Everyday new people are hearing about this new language and I’m proud to have Aavesh Jilani in Programming for Beginners. And we also want to say a big thank you to Aditya Jain (the creator of Portala) for supporting Dragon. Now guys, go take a look at Portal it is an very user-friendly online compiler that supports all the most popular languages. Here is a screenshot:

As you can see it is very minimalist simple and well designed, now all you have to do is to do to this link and start coding!

Also, here is the link of their main page:

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