Start Mastering PHP Here [Free Course for Beginners]

July 15, 2019 - General, Web Development
Start Mastering PHP Here [Free Course for Beginners]


Before Getting Started

Before sarting this tutorial you will need to learn HTML and CSS if it is not already done. PHP is mostly used mostly used for web development so if you don’t have some basics on HTML and CSS you won’t be able to do much. This PHP course will show you how you can make you static website dynamic by adding programming and communicating datas with databases. At the end of this 5 hours free course on PHP you will certainely be a better developer. This course is also not only for beginners, I like to rewatch those 4-5 hours tutorials to refresh my memory when I need it. Also, if you don’t know this amzaing channel go subscribe to them right now, they are making some of the better video tutorials on the internet (and for free most of the time). Here’s the link to the channel:

If you need a refresh you can see our HTML tutorials here:

and our CSS tutorials here:

Written by Samuel Gauthier

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