Become a Master of HTML and CSS [Free Course]

July 6, 2019 - General, Web Development
Become a Master of HTML and CSS [Free Course]

I know that many of you guys are interested by web development and I receive many messages everyday for free courses free links or advices. Obviously, I don’t have the time to teach personnally to people because I spend many time learning, and creating contant for the website but I it doesn’t mean I can’t help people. Here I decided to group the two best web development courses I’ve found on the web, they are a bit long (2 hours) each video but I can guarantee you that if you watch all these videos you will know all you need to know about HTML and CSS. These videos are from the youtube channel freecodecamp, go subscribe to them right now if it is not already done, they have amazing free tutorials about many languages. Here is the link:



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