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Matplotlib Tutorial 7 | Setting X & Y Axes Limits
Setting up X and Y axis limits   Description Outliers are an integral part of data. Even though they represent interesting behavior, sometimes it is [...]
Matplotlib Tutorial 6 | Adding Multiple plots
Adding Multiple Plots   Description To compare different data sets on a single reference, it is essential to plot all the data sets in one plot. This [...]
Matplotlib Tutorial 5 | Line Styles and Widths
Line Styles and Widths   Descritpion A complete tutorial on different ways of styling your plots in Matplotlib.
How to Start Programming from 0
            Where do I start !? The most asked question on our facebook group Programming for Beginners is definitely: [...]
Matplotlib Tutorial 4 | Colors, Fonts & Plot Representations
          Colors, Fonts and Plot Representation   Description Using the right colors, fonts and markers will help you make [...]
Matplotlib Tutorial 3 | Adding labels and legends
          Adding Labels and Legends   Description Labels and legends add an additional layer of visualization to plots. This [...]
Matplotlib Tutorial 2 | Plotting data from lists using Pyplot API
          Plotting Data from Lists using Pyplot API   Description To visualize plots using Matplotlib, one has to import the [...]