Monthly Archives: December 2018

Creating a Video Game [Part 2]: The Menu
          In this second video we are creating the different scenes of the game and testing the menu. The game scene is still [...]
Creating a Video Game [Part 1]: The Menu
Hi everybody! This is the first video of our new video game project in Python using the library Pygame. We started working on a video game and every week [...]
Comments in C++
              Commenting is an essential concept in any language. Today we are going to discuss about comments in C++. [...]
Console Inputs\Outputs in C++
              Programs are basically a sequence of input-output operations. All programs take input from the user, [...]
Variables and Constants in C++
              Many times, we need to store some datas in our programs. How can we do this? In this article, we are going [...]
C++ Tokens
              Today, we are going to learn about C++ Tokens. Let us first define Tokens. It is the smallest individual, [...]
Say “Hello world!” in C++
          In this tutorial, we are going to write our first program: a simple Hello World Program. This program is considered as [...]
How to get started with PHP and WampServer
            Blogs, social medias, e-commerce websites, API… PHP is essential to develop many kind of websites. In this [...]