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A simple project with Arduino
            Hey everyone! Yesterday I posted a picture of the little project I was working on and I never thought it would [...]
Portala: Write Code in your Browser!
              Hey guys, here in Canada it is summer and we are spending more time outside around the pool than coding in [...]
Start Mastering PHP Here [Free Course for Beginners]
            Before Getting Started Before sarting this tutorial you will need to learn HTML and CSS if it is not already [...]
Create a Simple Dropdown Menu From Scratch with HTML and CSS [SOURCE CODE]
            Download HTML file In this article, I will give you the source code and explain you how to create a dropdown menu [...]
Become a Master of HTML and CSS [Free Course]
            I know that many of you guys are interested by web development and I receive many messages everyday for free [...]
Suasive, a Really Cool Search Engine
            A couple day ago I wrote an article about Dragon programming language, a new language that has been created one [...]
Dragon Programming Language
            I like to discover new technologies and new languages and this week I discovered something really cool, Dragon [...]
Creating an Eclipse Animation (HTML and CSS Only)
Source Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Eclipse Animation</title> <style> body { background-color: #09101e; } [...]
What is a recursive function?
                  You have probably already heard the term “recursive function” but if you are [...]
This is How to Make a Simple Program in Fortran, One of the Oldest Programming Languages
              I Have Tried Fortran This week I have done a lot of low level programming. I have played a lot with my [...]
Cool Games you can Download for Free on PC
            Wolfeinstein 3D Release date: 1992 Platform: Windows Download Link: [...]
The Best Programming Language to Get Started
            A while ago I’ve made an article to named “How to Start Programming from 0”. In this article I [...]